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Current Lab Members

Paul Armsworth
Seoghyun Kim

Postdoctoral Researcher

Studying climate and land use changes on species distributions and biodiversity patterns and how these consequences can inform conservation and management actions

Narayani Barve

Postdoctoral Researcher

Exploration of biogeographical patterns and processes using ENM approaches. Currently, modeling the effect of climate and land use change on species in the central and southern Appalachians and in the Southeastern US more broadly

Guilherme Silva

Graduate Student

Using mathematical optimization to inform conservation efforts

Hyun Seok Yoon

Graduate Student

Timing of acquisition of protected areas based on market condition; timescale and equilibrium of ecological and economic processes

Kayla Koory

Undergraduate Student

Lab Manager in Armsworth lab. Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in ecology and evolutionary biology with a minor in climate change

Emily Brock

Undergraduate Researcher

Collecting data on vertebrate species range shifts in Appalachia to determine species movement influenced by climate change

Former Lab Members

Former Postdocs:

Dr. Lalasia Bialic-Murphy, now a research assistant professor at U. Tennessee

Dr. Gengping Zhu, now a postdoc at Washington State U

Dr. Heather Bird Jackson, now Research Assistant Professor at U. Tennessee

Dr. Benjamin Crain, now postdoc at Smithsonian Institution

Dr. Eric Larson, now faculty at U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Dr. Sharon Bewick, now faculty at Clemson U

Dr. Alison Boyer, now researcher at ORNL

Dr. Martin Dallimer (U. Sheffield), now faculty at U. Leeds

Dr. Zoe Davies (U. Sheffield), now faculty at U. Kent

Dr. Felix Eigenbrod (U. Sheffield), now faculty at U. Southampton

Dr. Varsha Vijay, now Technical Director, Science-Based Targets Network

Dr. Xiangping Liu, now Assist. Prof., Texas State U

Former PhD Students:

Dr. Amanda Hyman, now Foreign Species Biologist, US FWS

Dr. Diane Le Bouille, now post-doctoral fellow, Texas Tech

Dr. Christine Dumoulin, now postdoc at U. Georgia

Dr. Rachel Fovargue, now postdoc at U. Oklahoma

Dr. Austin Milt, now a software engineer at Pandora

Dr. Gwen Iacona, now a post-doc at Arizona State

Dr. Gareth Lennox (U. Sheffield), now senior research associate at Lancaster U.

Dr. Josephine Booth (U. Sheffield), now research fellow at Sheffield Hallam U.

Dr. Isla Sian Fishburn (U. Sheffield), now at Kachina Canine

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Former Master's Students:

Arne Pinneschmidt, now a PhD student at U. Freiburg

Chad Stachowiak, now District Wildlife Biologist, Monongahela National Forest

Ana Laura Reboredo Segovia (Pierre and Marie Curie U.), now a PhD student at Boston U.

Shelby Renee Burks Ward, now Staff Attorney, Tennessee Clean Water Network

Nate Sutton, now a Data Scientist, MedAmerica

Philippa Gullett (U. Sheffield), now Conservation Scientist, RSPB

Emily Hounslow (U. Sheffield), now postdoc, U. Sheffield

Rebecca Weeks (U. Sheffield), now postdoc at James Cook U.

Natasha Leaver (U. Sheffield), now school teacher

Former Undergraduate Students:

Cole West, now an Attorney in Nashville.

Abbie Percifield, now a doctoral student at Adler University

Amy Benefield, now a PhD student at U. Colorado.

Patrick McKenzie, now a PhD student at Columbia U.

Lindsey Transue, now a research assistant at Oak Ridge National Lab

Former Technicians:

Lisette Cantu-Salazar (U. Sheffield), a researcher with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

Mark Parnell (U. Sheffield), now head of en:mapping, a GIS consultancy

Andrew Skinner (U. Sheffield)

Vera Borgwardt (U. Sheffield), now Master's student at U. Bangor

Jennifer Gilbert (U. Sheffield), now at Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust

Kerry Skelhorn (U. Sheffield)

Sarah Roth, now a PhD student at U Maryland

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